July 25 – Just When I Think I’ve Got Her Figured Out

textThe friends I have seem to be either those who try to impress me with their knowledge or those that I am impressed by what they really do know. Like most people, I know some really intelligent people and those that aren’t quite as smart as they perceive themselves to be.

When I was selling sports memorabilia on Ebay and at sports conventions, I was amazed at some of the statistics some of these people could recite and the vast knowledge of sports they had. They were walking encyclopedias.

I’ve also heard others that knew almost nothing about anything important try to convince themselves, and others, that they’re worldly and smart. They want to be considered experts, but they are little more than pretenders that aren’t willing to educate themselves. Sad. Very sad.

This post was inspired by a text I received, recently. The text just mentioned that she had seen a blip on Facebook about the “medicinal effect of hugs.” Nothing earth shattering, but it’s her way of seeing if I’m available to text for a bit.

I responded that I always knew she was knowledgeable and this was just another piece of wisdom she was sharing with me.

She sent me a text a short time later saying that she had just finished reading an article about the Gaza conflict involving the ceasefireHamas and Israel. She mentioned that she normally leaves a comment on these types of articles. Then she proceeded to give me her opinion on the conflict, along with some added information. To say I was a bit shocked at her knowledge of this subject would be a gross understatement.

I really thought I knew what kinds of subjects she had an interest in, but this was more than just opening another door to her expanding knowledge and personality. This was like swimming in her pool of knowledge and finding out that it’s attached to an ocean that you never knew existed.

I first was introduced to her as a wild, brainy woman, but that’s only the swimming pool.

On July 25, 1946, the Club 500 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, witnesses the first show as a comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

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July 24 – I Am The Happiest Guy I Know

laughingI’ve always been a pretty happy guy.  When things don’t go my way, I  believe in the law of averages and know that the next time things will roll my way, be improved, different, and better.  There are times that I get “concerned” that people aren’t as happy as I am.

Could I make more money? Of course.  Should I lose a few pounds?  No doubt.  Do I have times that I’m not happy?  Yes, but those times are relatively short.  Is my life perfect?  Nope, but it is perfect enough for me.

When people say to me; “I am worried” or “I was worried about you,” my standard answer is; “don’t worry.”  Sounds simple, but it works.  If I worried about all the things that “could” happen, I’d be miserable and a nervous wreck.  That’s no way to go live life.  I’ll tell you my secret, I set my alarm 5 minutes early in the morning and I convince myself that I am in a good mood.  It takes a little while to perfect the technique at first, but it pays huge dividends.  Before my feet hit the floor, I’m already having a great day.  You can’t punch the smile off my face most days.

When I was first married, my ex used to do a lot of worrying and getting herself all worked up about the normal things; bills, things she had to do, things coming up, work, whatever.  After a few months of me not having a care in the world, she asked me why I’m not worried.  I told her that there’s no use in both of us being worried and that “I put her in charge of worrying.”  She said she didn’t want to be in charge of that.  I offered to “relieve her of her duties,” but she wasn’t able to relinquish that.  So, for almost 20 years, she was the person who worried.

One of the saddest points in my life was when my mom passed on from bone cancer.  I grieved, I cried, I mourned, etc.  But, mostly, I remembered the great times we had togetherhappy and what a special woman my mom was.  Even today, I laugh at some of her comments, actions, and am grateful for the love she shared with our family.  I was sad at the funeral and for a bit afterward, but I choose to dwell on the happy times.

As I’m writing this post, the song that keeps turning over in my brain is “Laughing Man,” by Red Rider.  Tell me that isn’t crazy.

I believe that each of us has a choice as to how we’re going to spend our time.  I choose to go through life with a smile on my face, good friends at my side, and a whole jukebox of songs in my heart.  If I’m not humming, laughing, or joking, I’m either dead or broken.

Speaking of getting out of bed on the right foot,  on  July 24, 1938 instant coffee was invented. 

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July 23 – I Wonder If I’m Divergent?

divergentA couple weekends ago, I was asked to go see the movie, “Divergent.”  I’m not much of a science fiction fan, but she said this movie was similar to the “Hunger Games,” and I liked that movie.

In a nutshell, the movie takes place in post-apocalyptic Chicago.  At the age of 15, kids in this society are expected to know what “faction” they will join, based on their human virtues.  The main Character, Beatrice “Triss” Prior finds out that there is a good chance she is a “divergent,” and won’t fit into any of these factions.  Being divergent means she will never fit into any one, single, faction.  Divergence is looked upon as a threat to the perfect society.

What would a movie be without a little turmoil.  Triss finds out that the leadership wants to wipe out one of the factions.  She teams up with another “divergent” to try and spoil the plan.

If you want to see how it ends, I recommend you see the movie.  It was very well written and did a good job of keeping my attention for 2+ hours.

While sitting in the movie, I wondered if I, too, might be divergent.  I don’t really seem like I fit in anywhere.  Either that or I don’t know myself as well as I had hoped.

Normally, I can complete one thing before I move onto another.  The only problem is my next “thing” is completely different than what I just finished.  I enjoy learning new things and usually go with that.

This website is a perfect example.  My first attempt of this website was in HTML.  I was within a week of finishing it off when a programmer said WordPress was the way to go with a website like this.  So, I started all over.  I actually have another website completed, exactly like this, in HTML!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI actually paid the programmer that suggested WordPress $300 to get me started.  He took my money, put the completed work on a flashstick and gave it to me.  Now, even he can’t extrapolate the data.  I got so mad that I decided I would do it myself, just to prove I could do it.  As for the programmer, he got the money for nothing.  I thought about taking him to small claims court.  When I did some investigation on him, I noticed he owed the state of Wisconsin over $80,000 in back taxes.  I know he is still advertising his services on Craigslist.  I wonder how many others he’s cheated?  Live and learn.  Someday, he’ll get his.

Although I do like WordPress, my website was much nicer in HTML.  I’ve made the commitment to WordPress and I’m sure as I get more familiar with using it, this site will take on a life of its own.   I’m like a locomotive with this, picking up steam as I go.  I had no idea that a software that is so easy to use requires so much reading, trial and error, and experimentation.  Stick with me folks.  This is going to be a really nice WordPress site as time goes on.

I believe I’ve always been a little different.  I’m always looking for a better, or different, way to do something.  If someone tells me it can’t be done that way, I have to make sure.  I suppose most would call that stubborn.  I call it proving someone right.

On July 22, 1925, New York Yankees’ legendary first baseman, Lou Gehrig hits his first of twenty-three career grand skams.  


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