Living Life One Mixed Drink At A Time

9maxwellsLocated on the corner of Bridge Street and Washington Avenue in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, is a nice little restaurant and bar called “Maxwell’s.”  I’ve never been in it, but I’ve heard it’s a pretty nice place to eat and watch a sporting event.

During one of my days off from work each week, weather permitting, my father and I drive from his home right past this bar to his second wife’s final resting place about a half mile down Bridge Street.

This bar held some significance for my father’s second wife.  This is the place that my dad’s second wife’s first husband spend a lot of time drinking, socializing, and away from his family.  Even when my dad’s second wife’s husband lost his driver’s license, my dad’s second wife would drive her husband down to this drinking establishment.  A few hours later, she would come back to pick him up.  I guess the family would rather have their father and husband drinking at a bar than at home with them.  He, obviously, was willing to oblige.

As we were stopped in front of the bar, waiting for the light to turn green, my father made the comment that he couldn’t understand how this gentleman would rather drink away the hours, rather than be home with a wonderful woman and family that my father married into many years later.  I must admit, I have wondered the same thing many times myself.

My father was married to his second wife for twelve years and never, not once, did they ever fight, argue, or even so much as say a nasty word to each other.  I never saw either one of them where they weren’t smiling or laughing.

The reason I bring this up in this post is twofold.maxwells

First, there are times when I, too, have let my priorities fall into discord.  I know I should be doing something else, but I am selfish and decided to do something that is strictly for myself.  I believe that sometimes you have to do something just for yourself.  There are other times that I have to admit I would have had more fun doing something with, or for, someone else.  

I do enjoy my “alone time,” but I really enjoy my “together time” with my friends and relatives.  Sometimes the smallest effort to get together pays huge dividends.  Some of the best times I’ve ever had came when I wasn’t really “up to it.”

The second reason for discussing this topic is that there are times when I have to convince someone to get out and enjoy themselves.  Normally, I’ll ask a few times.  If I’m turned down enough times, I just stop asking them and put them on the back burner.  If they’re interested, they’ll let me know.

I guess I subscribe to the theory that if at first you don’t succeed, don’t try skydiving.  Believe me when I tell you folks, I have fallen to earth many, many times.  It’s still worth the chance, though.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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I Can Always Learn Something From Everyone

9baseballA couple months back, I met a woman on the internet.  This isn’t my preferred method of finding woman to date, but there are times when the results will surprise me.  Normally, I just “window shop.”  Surprisingly, I sometime find a diamond or strike oil.  

I read her profile a few times, and decided to drop her a line.  Her profile was well thought out, she had a firm grasp on the English language, her pictures were very nice, she seemed pleasant when we spoke on the phone, and most of all she agreed to go out with me.

We made plans to meet at a restaurant and then go to a baseball game.  I usually expect the worst and hope for the best.  This time, my prayers were answered.  This woman was off the charts.  She was dressed impeccably, her hair was nice, pleasant smile, a great conversationalist,  extremely friendly, and very interesting.  Plus, she had the cutest locket around her neck.  I’m not sure why that made a such an impression on me, but it did.

Anyway, she insisted on paying her own way.  That was the very first time that has ever happened.  It was an unexpected bonus.

There wasn’t any chemistry on her end, but she was a great woman to be around and I was just glad to get out of the apartment for an evening.

We got to talking and I made the comment that I can always learn something from everyone.  She agreed and we talked about general stuff and kept each other entertained throughout dinner and nine innings of the baseball game.9Puzzle

She had a managerial job with the government.  Through our discussion, it was apparent that she was quite adept and very well qualified at her job.  I asked her about some of the conflicts at work and she said; “There’s always a solution.”  This was one of those statements that is regarded as a truism, but it sounded profound when she said it.

Anyway, we parted and I never heard from her, again.  I do see her profile on one of sites every so often and I have only good memories of our meeting.  She’s going to make some guy very happy!

About a week after our meeting, my dad said the rubber stripping on the bottom of his front door of his condo was starting to tear a bit.  I told him I’d take a look at it.  At first, I tried to loosen the runner and slide the rubber stripping in it.  That was futile.  My dad told me just to forget it and that it can’t be fixed.  I told him; “There’s always a solution.”  I looked at it from a different angle and decided I could put small nails in the rubber stripping and tuck the nails into the runner.   This would stop the ripping and repair the damage already done.   It worked perfectly.  

Had I not remembered that “there’s always a solution,” I would have just stopped and had my dad hire a handyman and be done with it.  I guess I really can learn something from everyone!  Even the cute ones!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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It Must Be Hell Living Between The Darkness… And The Light.

9heavenWeeks back, I was talking a to friend about some of the things I enjoyed about her.  Nothing crazy, just a few compliments mixed in with my observations.  The compliments have a way of working themselves into the conversation, but the observations were genuine.  In other words, I wasn’t trying to dazzle her with unsubstantiated flattery.

During this conversation, she said she was “emotionally dead.”  My heart sank and suddenly I felt alone.  I knew, at that very instance, she was right and her life held no thrills, zest, or excitement.  She was, in fact, “emotionally dead.”  I was talking to the deceased.

I’ve talked to the dead before, but I was always in front of their gravestones and I’ve never actually heard myself talking out loud to them.  I guess there’s a first time for everything.  Hopefully, this was one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences that I can convince myself never happened.90rip

Since, she has never lied to me.  I have learned never to doubt, question, or confront her.  I must believe that she is telling me the truth.

To her declaration of being “emotionally dead,” I can only leave her with these few comments:
1.  Rest In Peace.

2.  Please put in some good words to St Peter at the pearly gates of Heaven  for me.  I may need a little help!
3.  It’s going to be lonely without you, will you wait for me?

I hope so.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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