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What cool things happened on your birthday, and every other day? What historical events events shaped America, today? There is no such thing as “just a normal day.”

Famous Birthdays
birthdaysDo you ever wonder what famous people share your birthday? I have plenty of times. The good thing is that everyday someone is born that will impact the way we think, work, learn, play, and live our lives. I encourage you to contemplate the people and events that occur everyday in this great country.

History Being Made
historyHistory is being made everyday. What seems like just another day to someone can be the start of something fascinating that will shape our world. People, just like you, are changing our world every single day. Hopefully, you’ll find plenty of cool things to connect with, here.

coincidences1There are seemingly inconsequential events that change our daily lives. In 1957, a first meeting between two teenage boys during a church festival became the spark that formed one of the greatest song writing teams ever. These two boys, along with two of their friends, went on to change the scope and direction of popular music. The two were John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles.

Why This Website
I’ve always been fascinated by how one’s normal, average, day can be another’s start to a brand new, and exciting, life. Something happens every day to change, shape, and enrich our lives. To some, today, is the first step in an incredible journey. To others, it’s just a continuation of the exciting life they are leading. Still others, see this as the final stages of time well-spent. Wherever you are in your personal journey, please enjoy the ride. You will never get another chance to live today.

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